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Best Tourist Places Udhampur in 2024 – Details!

Best Tourist Places Udhampur

Tourist Places Udhampur

Best Tourist Places Udhampur – Udhampur is a district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Udhampur town is the headquarters of this district. Vaishno Devi cave near Katra is an important shrine for the Hindus and the most famous tourist attraction of this district. Patnitop and Sudh Mahadev are also tourist places. Major attractions in Udhampur city include Gole Market, Devika Ghats, Jakahni Park, Ramnagar chowk (Pandav mandir nd Kachalu), Salain Talab, and the Main Bazar.

Best Tourist Places Udhampur

Best Tourist Places Udhampur

Here is some interesting Tourist places in Udhampur, go blow and read it.

1. Shankri Devt

The Shankri Devta temple is located in a picturesque location surrounded by meadows, tall mountains, and verdant forests. It is situated on a hillside in the village of Meer in the Panchari block. Pucca Road connects the village of Meer and the Block Headquarter in Panchari with the town of Udhampur.

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Every year in April or May, the District Administration hosts the Shankri Devta Mela.

Shankri Devt

The Youth Services and Sports Department of Udhampur arranged rural sports tournaments such as weightlifting, tug of war, and kabaddi for the purpose of entertaining the public and showcasing the cultural and athletic abilities of students. The district government has set up sufficient infrastructure for things like energy, transportation, healthcare, and clean drinking water.

At the mela location, numerous departments have set up stalls to inform the public about various state and centrally supported government projects. At the location, local vendors had set up their improvised stands selling jalebi, pakora, bangles, toys, and other items. On the first day of the mela, the J&K Indian Style Wrestling Association and the Local Dangal Committee jointly arranged wrestling matches in which well-known wrestlers from various regions took part.

2. Devika River

Another well-known feature of Udhampur is the Devika River. Another name for the Devika River is the Ganges River’s sister.

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The Devika River is described as a manifestation of the mother goddess Parwati herself to help the inhabitants of Mader Desha, which encompasses lands between the rivers Ravi and Chenab, and that the river Devika appeared on Shiv Ratri in the 7th-century Nilmat Puran, written by Nela Muni. At eight locations along the Devika river, Lord Shiva himself stays by his consort Uma, taking on the form of Shiv Lingas.

Devika River

At the moment, the river flows beneath its sandy surface.It is mentioned in Devi Mahatmays that bathing in the Devika waters or even touching them will suffice to yield spiritual blessings; Japa or other rituals are not necessary at this pilgrimage site. Excavation of approximately one foot into the sand bed releases water. Cremation on Devika’s beaches is regarded as just as worthy as cremation at Kashi on the Ganges River’s banks.

3. Krimachi

Krimachi is a little village in Jammu & Kashmir, UT’s Udhampur district. Situated 67 kilometers from Jammu and 12 km north of Udhampur on the Udhampur-Lander road. There are two tiny shrines and five temples in the complex. This valley sits at an elevation of 730 meters above mean sea level, surrounded by verdant mountains. This region is drained by the “Birunala” and Krimachi rivulets.


According to local custom, it used to be a rest stop on the route that passes through Banihal on the way to Jammu and Kashmir. The Pandavas of Mahabharata were said to have laid the groundwork for this location by their contemporaneous. According to another legend, Krimachi served as the capital of Bhuti, one of the Jammu region’s principalities ruled by Daya-Karan’s successors.

The descendants of King Daya-Karan ruled for several centuries, and their dynasty was known as the “Bhutials,” according to Diwan Narsingh Dass Nargis. According to custom, Maharaja Ranjit Singh vanquished the last member of this dynasty, “Himmat Singh,” and Raja Gulab Singh was granted the Bhuti. Thus Bhuti was included in to the Jammu Kingdom in A.D. 1834.

The group of temples at Krimachi has been built over the elevated terrace of Biru Nala.